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About the Certified Pre-Owned Program

The Skyline Bike and Skateboard Certified Pre-Owned program allows you to trade in your current equipment for store credit towards anything Skyline Bike and Skateboard carries. Your trade-in credit can be redeemed immediately at the time of trade, or you can have us post it here on our website where you might get a little more for your equipment.

Example: You have a 2009 Scott road bike with Dura-Ace 10 speed drive train in fairly good condition, but shows paint scratches and would need all new cables, housing and a chain. Your trade offer would be $400 store credit or you can wait for the sale of the trade on the site.

Sales on the website are subject to a 20% handling and sales fee to cover listing, credit card fees and time in the shop. We reserve the right to refuse any trade-in offer.

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All equipment here has been completely overhauled and meticulously inspected.

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